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Poker Terms

No game of poker can be played or even enjoyed being played unless you have the related terms clear to you. This is not possible in a day or so and requires that one regularly reads available books on the subject and various online resources. Here we include some terms for your understanding of some aspects of Poker

The pot. The total amount being wagered upon.

A re-raise from a player who originally called.

Collection drop:
A payment charged for each hand dealt.

cards that are given facedown in a stud game.

Flop :
The first-three community cards dealt up at one time at the poker table.

Kicker :
The unpaired card that is highest and which helps determine the value of a five-card poker hand.

Live blind:
A blind bet giving a player the option of raising if nobody else has raised.

In order to protect the main game, a condition where the players of a second game must move into the first game as openings occur.

A betting structure where players are allowed to wager any or all of their chips in one bet.

In jacks-or-better draw, the cards held by the player who opens the pot showing the hand qualifies to be opened.

Playover box:
A clear plastic box used to cover and shield the chips of an absent player when somebody plays over that seat.

Ring game
A normal game, as opposed to a tournament game or a non-money game with your uncles.

Side Pot
Bets made into a new pot after a player has gone all-in.

Top Pair
Having a pair with the highest card on the board and one in the pocket.




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