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Texas Hold'em Poker

One of the most fashionable variations of poker is Texas Hold'em. Furthermore, it is also the easiest to learn.

At the start the players are dealt two 'hole' cards that only they can see and use. Then, five 'community' cards are dealt in the middle of the table that all players can see and use with their hand. Players can create their five-card hand from both, one or none of their hole cards in combination with the community cards.

The game is divided into four rounds of betting, and the game moves clockwise around the table. Betting begins from the player position next to the dealer button, that moves one place to the left after each hand. The dealer button replaces the 'real' dealer in all online games,

In case two or more players possess equally strong winning five-card hands and tie, the pot goes split between the two players. If there is an odd chip left from the winnings, the player sitting closest to the left of the dealer button gets to receive it. Different poker sites keep different values of an odd chip.

Texas Hold'em is a community card game, meaning that some cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table and equally shared by all players. Each player is dealt two hole or pocket cards which they consider with the five community cards to build the best possible five-card hand.

The player who is dealt last is considered the dealer and as such is marked with a dealer button. At the close of the hand the button is passed clockwise to the next player.

Texas Hold'em is played with two blinds - a bet prior to getting pocket cards. The two players to the left of the dealer begin with placing blind bets. The small blind is posted by the first person and the big blind by the second one. The big blind is at all times the minimum bet at the table and the small blind is half.


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